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De' Ol' Negro House
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During the duration of ancestors, through the mighty pen, the ancestors wrote about the life as a slave,
it is un fortunate that we as a people
Continue to sing the same songs. Through time we continue to accept the negative fertilities of wanting to be slaves, nevertheless freedom has already been given through God, such a catastrophe we continue to teach our children, that they are less than a people, by feeding them with toxins, that they shall continue to fight for freedom, freedom was
Came with the proclamation of life, pain that continues to flow threw the blood stream, assist to human mental suicide, views of who and what is the black man. Nevertheless, our ancestors felt the crack of the whip, they continue to write the words of freedom and fought that man would no longer, emancipate the theory of them being slaves, Harriet Tubman, Soldier Truth, Phillis Wheatley, poems in which they continued to up lift the Negro’s in a time of slavery, bitterly pleads for freedom from slavery.

Almighty power of the pen, victory of the spoken words, Spirituality, the blue print of survival, believing in one God, poetry was for the cause of abolition and freedom, a will to live, under all odds, dignity without cowardly conformity, poetry was dedicated to slavery and its abominable practices and abuse.

Paul Laurence Dunbar black prodigy, and many
Successful black poets and educators,
Did not live through the eyes of being a slaves, they educated themselves, to deliver
Those who were caught up in self-hatred, In
this world order, symbolic images, of the past,
man who refuse to break the chains, the rotten roots of life.
Self-death assisted, through the tunnel vise mind.

During the days of slavery, our ancestors educated themselves, in a new arena of thought, man continues to cry, freedom when man refuse to motivate and educate their own, understanding the struggles of our ancestors was a heritage, not a death, it taught that man can be the great man he is, with education, spirituality, motivation, faith, unity.


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