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Love never fails
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 About the Author
God bless you all in Jesus name
This blog site is dedicated to the Saviour of the world Jesus Christ,
to all who dont know him, and to all who are lost out there, who need guidance and truth...I am not the author of this site, but anything that you have a question for, feel free to ask us, we will post many things that will be of interest to you. Our purpose is to exalt our Lord and to show the world of his love and truth...

the owner of this site page is Michael Whalen and we hope you enjoy!

Final words that I have not added before, if anyone of you by any chance need any help, we are more than welcome to help any of you, in regards to questions, in regards to Christ, please ask.....We also send free bibles to anyone whom needs, anyone who wants to read the truth, which is Jesus Christ....Our email is, or, email us anytime if you have any information or if you need any help or guidance, we will be more than happy to help you in any way that we can, this is all for the glory of JESUS CHRIST.....Praise be his name...

Michael and ericka Whalen


About the Author


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