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Hey everyone.....this is Carol speaking and I hope that you enjoy all the drama that I just happen to talk about. I go to a public high school and currently a THERE'S ALOT OF DRAMA ALREADY!!!! Well, ENJOY!!! Later!! Drew

Life with the people that you love..... (Posted: Apr 14)
Hi everyone....I am new to this so forgive me if I do something out of place and/ or what not....
Anyways... My name is Carol and i am madly in love with my boyfriend. We have been going out fo almost a week but it seems like forever!! We talk on the phone and have fun with eachother. His name is Jefferson Scott Evans and he lives in Massillion. I love him to death. I honestly hope that this relationship lasts....Well, I g2g! My ex is reading this and I don't want him to get any IDEAS!!!! Later!! (*HEART*) Drew Barrymore......(*It's just a nickname*)

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