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 About the Author
*Name? olivia louise newfarmer
*Nickname? olive, livia, liv, oliver, ollie
*Gender? girl
*Age? 15
*Birthday? jan 10
*Height? about 5'4"
*Weight? greater than or less than 20 pounds
*Hair color? brown
*Eye color? greeen
*Pets? buster, jenny, sadie, buddy
*Siblings? hayley and jeremy
*Single or Taken? taken
*Religion? christian
*Hobbies? uh...? good question
*Sports? tennis
*Jock, Prep, Emo, Goth or Punk? none of the above


*Color(s)? aqua, turquoise
*Food(s)? shrimp, pizza, m&m's, kitkats, pretty much any food.
*Band(s)? are you kidding me? there's way too many.
*Actor(s)? idk
*Animal(s)? penguins
*Movie(s)? idk...realllllly wanna see march of the penguins
*TV Show(s)? spongebob, elimidate, family guy, desperate housewives, grey's anatomy...
*Store(s)? wet seal, gadzooks, hot topic, american eagle, hollister, blaaaah blah blah
*Car(s)? mustangs & garrett's hot bmw
*Book(s) im illiterate?
*Number(s)? 24

Have you .......
crashed a friend's car? no
stolen a car? no
been dumped? yeah
shoplifted: when i was little
been fired? nope, never had a job

been in a fist fight? does my sister count?
snuck out of your house? no, i live on the second floor
had feelings for someone that didn't have them back? yeah
been arrested? not yet
made out with a stranger? nope
gone on a blind date? no
had a crush on a teacher? lol yeah
been to Europe? no
skipped school/class? yeah algebra
seen someone die? no
been on a plane? yeah...hated it.
seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show? hell yes
thrown up in a bar? nah
set a part of yourself on fire? no
eaten Sushi? gross no
met someone in person from the internet? nope, my internet doesnt work anymore.
been in an abusive relationship? nah
taken painkillers? yeah
missed someone? definetely
Laid on your back and watched the clouds go by? of course i have, who hasnt?
made a snow angel? heck yea
had a tea party? yeah i had my own tea party stuff
flown a kite? not really, i suck at it
gone puddle jumping? yeah when i was little
played dress up? yeah with brooke all the time when i was little!
jumped into a pile of leaves? yeah
gone sledding? yah on the el dorado dam
cheated while playing a game? lol yeah
been lonely? yeah, especially when i went through my depressive stage.
fallen asleep at school? yes
used a fake ID? no
watched the sun set? yeah
felt an earthquake? yes
touched a snake? yes
slept beneath the stars? yeah, gross.
been tickled? yeah and i hate it.
been robbed? yeah when ppl stole all my cds.
been misunderstood? probably.
won a contest? yeah in like 2nd grade.
ran a redlight? no
been suspended from school? no
been in a car accident? yeah
had braces? yes, for 5 years. but i get them off on oct. 3!!
felt like an outcast? yeah.
danced in the moonlight? no
hated the way you look? all the time
witnessed a crime? no
pole danced? probably lol idk
squished barefoot through the mud? yea
been lost? many of times
swam in the ocean? yes, it was freeeeezing
felt like dying? yeeeaaahh
cried urself to sleep? yeah
sung karoke? no
paid for a meal with only coins? yes
made prank phone calls? lmao-yes
caught a snowflake on ur tongue? yes
danced in the rain?? for fun
written a letter to Santa Claus? yeah
been kissed underneath the mistletoe? no
watched the sun rise with someone u care about? my friends, yes
blown bubbles? um, yes. is this a weird one
made a bonfire on the beach? no
crashed a party? no
gone rollerskating? yeah
had a wish come true? yeah
worn pearls? yeah
jumped off a bridge? no, too scared
ate cat/dog food? when i was little
told a complete stranger you loved them? no
kissed a mirror? haha yes

sung in the shower? yeah

owned a little white dress? no
had a dream that u married someone? yeah
glued ur hand to something? no
got ur tongue stuck on a flag pole? no
kissed a fish? noo...but if i could kiss fluffy, i totally would lol
worn the opposite sex's clothes? yea
been a cheerleader? lool 8th grader
screamed at the top of your lungs? um yes
done a one-handed cartwheel? no, i cant do ANY cartwheels
talked on the phone for more than 6 hours? probably
stayed up all night? yea
not taken a shower for a week? eww no
picked and ate an apple right off a tree? no
climbed a tree? no
had a tree house? yes
been scared to watch scary movies? kinda
had more than 30 pairs of shoes? probly
worn an ugly outfit to school just to see what others say? no
gone streaking? yea
played chicken? yea
been told I'm pretty by a complete stranger? yeah, freaked me out
broken a bone? no
been pushed into a pool/lake with your clothes on? yeah=sucks

About the Author


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