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i'm supposed to put something here that makes you want to read all this stuff...did that just work?

Back in School (Posted: Aug 29)
August 29, 2005:
so i am back in mr. bacher's room tpying up another blog. the internet just came back up so i decided that i would update this blog since the school doesnt let us visit xanga.
things that have happened lately: this weekend i stayed the night over at bridget's house. the plan was to: 1)get out of school at 12:15 for ayp party. 2)go to tennis at 3:30. 3)meet erin after tennis in the locker room so that we could get ready for the scrimmage at 7:00. 4)go to the scrimmage until 9. 5)go to the dance at 9-11:30. 6)go home-aka-bridgets house. unfortunately, this plan did not work and everything was cancelled because of the gay rain. so after tennis i went with bridget to hollie's house and garrett called and asked if we wanted to go to all star sports but we didnt cause it was going to be expensive. instead me n bridget went to garrett's and hung out until 11 at his house and yeah...then went to bridgets.
ok, that took a long time to type.
so me and garrett are doing quite well, if i do say so myself. last month was our 6 month anniversary (on the 13th) and we went to laser quest and played some hard-core laser tag. it was pretty fun. oh and a bonus: he got the most gorgeous flowers in the world and they made my room smell soo good. :D thennn....we went to DQ and wished that his parents would drive around 80 mph around DQ and then we could ask them if garrett could keep the change...very funny times at DQ.
alright, this is probably getting really boring to read so im gonna stop.

actually i lied. one more thing...i am thinking about going out for the fall musical, not getting really a 'part' but like being a part of it sounds like a lot of fun...just letting you know.
LoVe AlWaYs, olivia <3

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