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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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 About the Author
We are Caroline and Stargazer, two 63 year old women who met in Jr. High school, in Maryland, and became best friends. A few years ago, we got back in touch after living two very different lives, and we began a Dream Experiment based on a suggestion made by Caroline after both of us had the same dream one night, followed by another similar dream the following night. We began to record our dreams for three nights, and do "exchanges," only to find that we really had something major going on. (Stargazer lives In Arizona, and Caroline lives in Pennsylvania.)

We are convinced that thousands of people all over the world can do the same or similar experiments with their own dreams. We are both very Spiritual women, and interested in ESP, Astral Travel, ghosts, and metaphysical things in general.

We like old houses, towns, movies, cemeteries, and music. We both love good food too, and gazing at the stars. Caroline has a family, and I, Stargazer, have never married. The actual matches are checked, and posted by myself, Stargazer, after Caroline forwards her dreams to me. We want people to keep dream journals like we do, and experience the shock, and joy that come from matching up details.It may seem impossible, but we do it often. Some of the matches are fairly common, and many are truly amazing.It takes dedication.


About the Author


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