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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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The Dreaming "Twins"

As you can see, my dream "Twin" Caroline and I are posting our individual dream notes from three previous nights. We have no idea what the other will dream, and we are hoping to engage in a controlled study one day soon. Please feel free to dream along with us, or a partner of your choice. No detail is insignificant. We keep dream journals for 3 nights, and exchange dreams on the 4th morning. After reading her dreams, and mine, I look for matches, and similarities. The results are very interesting. If you are disciplined enough to keep a detailed dream journal, you will see what we mean. Please see our "News" page for the latest information about Caroline.

Dreams : Stargazer May 18 to 20 2017 (Posted: May 21)

Dreamer WEST : Stargazer

May 18 :

Terry Crane was in a white satin outfit for a Gone with the wind convention. She was a parade queen. She mentioned Fred Crane. There was a horse. I switched dreams and ended up at my friend R's house. She was cleaning the room, and I thought she was not listening to me but she was. I saw the image of a ghostly Victorian woman staring into space. I told R that energy never dies, and that every atom and particle of an atom are numbered. Our brains can receive images and "hallucinate" sometimes.She was listening closely. Black spider climbed up my arm. Did not bite.

May 19 :

Strange steps to my room in black and white. I was forced to get a new computer, and it was horrible. Mouse was missing ball and key closure, monitor showed half the image, the tower was 2 parts with lights. Red and green small dots. No navigation bar. luckily, I became aware that I was dreaming, and knew my real computer would work.

May 20 :

Small crowd of people. No other recall.

May 21 2017
Stargazer Of The Dreaming "Twins"

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