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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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The Dreaming "Twins"

As you can see, my dream "Twin" Caroline and I are posting our individual dream notes from three previous nights. We have no idea what the other will dream, and we are hoping to engage in a controlled study one day soon. Please feel free to dream along with us, or a partner of your choice. No detail is insignificant. We keep dream journals for 3 nights, and exchange dreams on the 4th morning. After reading her dreams, and mine, I look for matches, and similarities. The results are very interesting. If you are disciplined enough to keep a detailed dream journal, you will see what we mean. Please see our "News" page for the latest information about Caroline.

Dreams : Stargazer September 18 to 20 2017 (Posted: Sep 21)

Dreamer WEST : Stargazer

September 18 :

Governor from the Walking Dead wanted to control my bathroom visits. Dirgibles. Men on them outside. One man fell off under a wheelbarrow. Horses in a riding ring. I told the governor that I ride English style.Longtime friend uncharacteristically began massaging my shoulders.I told him to stop, and he ranted at me angrily.I heard hammering, went outside, and saw a man in a one piece coverall like a prison uniform. I asked him to please leave, and he appeared to leave, but came back to glare at me, so I yelled "Jerry. Jerry come here" and the man gave me the finger, and ran off. There was no Jerry. I was bluffing. I awoke.

September 19:

Pirate ship. Men hiding around by wearing costumes.I walked to a store that sold pirate goods. I left, and a woman followed me, so I stood by the highway. She gave me a ride. I asked if the men in her pirate troupe were Freemasons. She didn't know.

September 20 :

I saw king Kong in the jungle. I was in a movie, and had to jump down to an air mattress, but I missed. I crawled onto it. A man told me the director was not happy with me in general. A woman would not give me specifics. Kong was big. I hid in his jungle. The director finally told me off in front of a group, and I asked why he wanted to fire me. He mentioned "The one who saves" and I knew he was miffed about my spiritualism. I went to the bathroom and peed. The lid was messed up, and would not lower back down. A man said something about flush handles. Scene with hills. Orange robed people with guns.

September 21 2017

Stargazer of the Dreaming 'Twins"

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