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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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The Dreaming "Twins"

As you can see, my dream "Twin" Caroline and I are posting our individual dream notes from three previous nights. We have no idea what the other will dream, and we are hoping to engage in a controlled study one day soon. Please feel free to dream along with us, or a partner of your choice. No detail is insignificant. We keep dream journals for 3 nights, and exchange dreams on the 4th morning. After reading her dreams, and mine, I look for matches, and similarities. The results are very interesting. If you are disciplined enough to keep a detailed dream journal, you will see what we mean. Please see our "News" page for the latest information about Caroline.

Dreams : Stargazer November 17 to 19 2017 (Posted: Nov 20)

Dreamer WEST : Stargazer

November 17 :

I was with a man in a room. I seemed to know him, and felt safe.

November 18:

Strange cuticle. I was having a scan done on my hips. Tech lady left the room, and I looked at dials on a machine.A man had to jump from a ledge into a yellow barrel below. He missed. I was supposed to jump, but my dream guides woke me up.

November 19 :

Sir Anthony Hopkins was having fun making pancakes or something for people outdoors. Thrift shop. Yellow Tablecloth.

November 20 2017

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