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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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Caroline has been having health challenges,and we certainly had an amazing few years doing what we do. I will continue to post my dreams as regularly as I can. Please consider carrying on this experience. She and I won't live forever, but we certainly have appreciated that you come to read what we share. Many of our dreams have the same themes, but by no means do we plan it that way.It will be nice if we get back to our earlier formats. It was quite a blast every time we matched things. I am experiencing health challenges. I will turn 74 Earth years April 3 2021. My health care providers are very efficient. I am functional, get out often to shop, do chores, and am generally happy. As I age I feel that I am a little more attuned to Spiritual things in life. I have no "set" religion because the human mind is set for expansion, not a set of rules that don't apply to much of the world we have today.


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