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Miley Cyrus Not The Rolemodel for these Kids (Posted: May 21)
You know at first i really thought, Maybe she'll be different, maybe she'll be good for these kids, but no she had to scratch that itch. She had to expose who she truly was and a little more. I trusted her, but you can never assume. True moms trusrted her with their kids and now there banning their kids to ever mention her again.
Everyone knows when young women like that are piled with so much fame their going to blow. (I'm just glad i wasn't born like that.) She lied to people saying she was a pure virgin, while her dad grounded her for sneaking a boy into her room. Then the people who were making money off of her said, 'no that's a look alike in that picture.' a couple of months later two more pics appeared online of her exposing her clivage taking a picture of herself in a bathroom. Guess what, same things said.
Well, they can't say it now that the young popdiva exposed herself in Vanity Fair. She said her pics looked artsy and then she trys to apologize to her fans, but does she think that has softened up the enraged mothers, NO!!! it does not and it doesn't change my mind about her. Her parents can't be any better or they would have straightened her along time ago.

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