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You Are Important Too (Posted: Sep 18)
All of our goals and dreams start with a vision. Itís our own fear sometimes that stops us from our own potential. If youíve been dreaming about becoming your own boss, perhaps, opening up your own restaurant but youíve talked yourself out of actually pursuing it, well, itís time for you to stop doubting yourself and just go for it! Sit down tonight and begin to write down all of your special dishes youíve enjoyed making for your family and others over the years. Envision the patrons at the tables reading your colorful menu. If youíve always wanted to write a novel then stop talking about it and write your opening sentence. And then you have to envision the image or artwork on the front cover. If you want that desk job with that decent salary then envision yourself sitting there at that big oak desk talking on the phone or typing that big important executive memo. We work all day for others, allowing and helping others to pursue their dreams, but what about your goals? How much time are you devoting to your own dreams and goals? Donít become that bitter, grumpy person later in life because youíd let your dream wither away. You are important. Your dreams and goals are important. Your goals and dreams can be realized, just envision it! Ė Randolph Randy Camp
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