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rcstories: Stories by Randy Camp
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Your World Too (Posted: Mar 13)
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and Birthday Wishes. I take nothing for granted. When I was very young I didnít even know what it meant to have indoor plumbing or running water. Iíll never forget my humbled beginnings and the backwoods of Spotsylvania County where my dreams were shaped. As a child I used to sit on the bank of the Rappahannock River, watch the water flow and daydream about becoming a writer one day.

Today Iím so blessed and grateful. I truly appreciate every one of you. Regardless of your beginnings, regardless of whatever, donít let anyone or anything stop you. Whatever limitations or labels others have placed upon you itís your own description of yourself that matters most. Always remember that youíre uniquely special, valuable and that this is your world too. Ė Randolph Randy Camp

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