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Mean Halloween (Posted: May 29)

Concerned, I said "yes."
I hung up the phone.
This Halloween night
I would be alone.

I just received word,
at home I must stay.
A scary monster,
was headed my way.

It wanted the kids.
This, my greatest fear.
I warned the children,
as evil grew near.

They had such courage,
as they hugged me tight.
One had to remind me,
"Turn on the porch light !"

I flipped on the switch
as I looked outside.
The creature was coming,
there was no time to hide.

The house began to shake,
as it approached the door.
I wasn't ready
for what was in store.

The strangest thing
my eyes ever saw,
was dressed like a clown
my ex mother-in-law !

"Let's go trick-or-treating !"
she said with a smile.
"Start passing out candy
we'll be back in awhile."

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