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 About the Author
Name:Shelique Sajah symonett
Birthdate:April 9 1987

Interest:I love writing poems, i like playing video games, i love competition actually maybe i lie cause when i loose i know i can be a sore loser. i enjoy walking and bikeing rideing, i also enjoy swimming when its nic outside. i love going on the computer chatting with my friends, and checking my mail, i also love this web site called Neopets its a website its soo fun, if you like little cuddley lookig creatures and playing little games and go to that website i enjoy it alot its fun. i love shopping thats one thing i have to do is shop im inlove with clothes oh ya i work and i work for money and that money all goes to shoppping im a shopaholic

Favorite Colour:All the pastel colours
Favorite food: I love Cheese Pizza

Extra info:Well i want to become an actress or a model something along those lines i wanna do. i enjoy my drama class alot. i three brothers and i live with both of my parents, i love haveing fun and ya.

About the Author


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