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Hi and welcome to my Page

Thank you visiting and I hope that you enjoy my poems.

Untitled (Posted: Mar 24)
Late at night when all is sleeping
I listn to the walls
Mommy and daddy are at it again
Fighting and yelling all over again

I hear mommy yell im gonna call the police
Daddy yells back put the phone down
I listen closer to here a clash
Daddy threw the phone against the wall

I hear my babysister crying
Shes only a year old mommy told me so
I tip toe to my sisters crib
Where she cries and wines and has a fit
I calm her down so shes crying and not in a fit

Mommy burst in the room
Leave my kids alone
Daddy laughs and pulls out something black
I hear a loud sound
I cover my ears

Mommy screams
Babysister starts crying again
Mommys on the ground
Blood comeing from her forehead
Daddy shot mommy
In the head

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