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Hello am so glad you stoped by to hear what I have to say.It's with great pleasure that I have the chance to share my thoughts ,and frustrations with you and maybe even an idea or recipe or too,we all have things to share and I'm over joyed to share my mind with you.
While your hear before you part won't you leave me feedback and share your thought with me about anything I may post,your opions mean so much!
Thanks for stopping by ,hope you come again.

Scarlet Moon

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Misuse of Love (Posted: Jul 25)

I heard someone say that men say the phrase "I love
you .", to get sex and that women give out sex to hear
the words I love you.How sad but oh so true.Why do we abuse
something so wonderful as love to aquire our own selfish
pleasures and gains?
Why do some people run from love as if it were a deadly dease

Love for the sake of emotion in it's self is a very beautiful
thing, but not many people today really know what it is
or how to accept it or even aquire it.There are so many levels
to the emotion of love but truly only one type.Love in it's
self is a very innocent and unselfish thing of beauty.
To love is simply the unselfliss willingness to accept
someone for who they are and not want to change them , love
is caring and thing of others befor we think of ourselves.
Love is forgiveness with no motives attached , kindness
, loyality, honesty, trust, charity and all the good
things in life .
It's the embrace of a mother to cradle and consloe her
crying child, the compassionate touch of a nurse to a sick
and dieing patient, ...the home we give to a stray animal.
Love is a beautiful and wonderful thing and when we find
it or are offered it we should never turn it away but embrace
it and cheerish it.
And love should never be abused or distorted to hurt or use
another .
We were all created from love and it is our purpose set by
our creator to love so why again I ask do so many shy from it
or abuse it?

Written: July 23, 2005
Sandra Newkirk


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