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Love Hurts
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Thought I Found The One (Posted: Apr 12)
You think you have love problems my girl was pregnant and it all happened before we got together. She told me she never done anything like that before. And i was like cool at least i dont have to worry about people thinking crap about her. We were together about 2 months and she come to me after i figured out what has happened and finally tells me. I was cool with it because it happened before we got together but i was pissed cause she didnt tell me before. i told her i would stay with her and help support her through her tough times. A couple days later her parents find out she is seeing me and tells her to stay away from me. She told me she would work with me and stay with me. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa. LIE!!!!!!! I friken stay with her knowing she is pregnant and the kid isnt even mine. Tell me you know n e man out there that would stay with a girl after finding out she was pregnant with some other guys baby after the fact she said she wasnt and never has done n e thing like that. ARRRGH!!! Why cant i find a girl who will love me just as much as i will her. I KNOW i am what most girls look for. the kind of guy who has emotions and isnt gay. the kind that will cherish every moment as if it were their last together and doesnt look or even think of other girls. the kind what will stick by them through thick and thin and stay true until the day they die. You women look for us and when you find us you treat us like CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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