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Just for fun.... (Posted: Dec 3)
Trials of a Wizard
November 21, 2005

The dark moon rises overhead
Pulling the living and the dead
To come out here beneath the stars
And the dance of life for Mars

The Wizard who is young and brave
Is trying hard the world to save
He casts a spell to bring forth light
But darkness reigns this long cold night

The Book of Spells he has in hand
He stands upon a distant land
Within the Astral Plain he hides
The Elders wait, where he resides

An Ancient Evil is unleashed
It is a horrifying beast
That Mars had tried a spell upon
He broke what mighty spells had done

The seal had tempted him to see
If he could open and set free
The one so beautiful and fair
Hed seen her picture painted there

Her violet eyes, her fair sweet skin
Her golden hair had done him in
He waited till the Elders slept
Then in the tomb he softly crept

A lightening bolt he did release
A spell rang out that would not cease
The lantern that he had for light
Revealed what he had done this night

He tried to keep her in her lair
She looked into his eyes so fair
She spoke one word, and disappeared
Where she once stood a dragon reared

So now he searches everywhere
He will return her, this he swears
But he will have a long hard road
For he now bears a heavy load


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