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why is english important? (Posted: Apr 11)
Why is English Important?

Technology today bridges the world and it conquers distance. Through a click, no one is out of reach. Communication becomes easy and convenient. But there is one barrier that we need to abolish. This is the difference in languages.

English is a very important language since it breaks all barriers of communication. As the world becomes smaller through technology, we need to understand each other well through one language- and this is where the English language becomes the king. It is accepted through out the world. Technology is English-based. Whatever our native language is, we should accept the fact that the world is moving us into oneness and that is through the English language.

There are so many things still to be said; yes, I admire the English language very much. In poetry, I canít help but feel and appreciate the feeling that comes with woven words that express different emotions; be it of love or hatred, happiness or agony. I have my own Filipino language but next to my own I find self expression in the English language. No other language I can savor enough to make me feel my own emotions.

Bridging the world and bringing everyone closer through technology and communication can only be completed if everyone learns to speak and understand English well. This for me, is the foremost reason why English is so important.


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