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Relationships Suck
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June 25, 2005 (Posted: Jun 26)
OK, the introduction...I'm a 26 year old single mother living in Kansas City...and dating sucks...current situation is this: Met an amazing guy at Club Wars and things seemed to be going great...then his ex decides she wants him back. So far he's telling me he doesn't know what to do, and since I trust him I can accept that, for now. But how long will I have to wait in the shadows for him to decide if he wants to continue building the relationship we've started or to scratch it all and go back to her? Is my life meant to be turned into a Lifetime Movie? Cause it sure as hell feels that way...and to top all this off, the day after she decides to just drop by his work and tell him how she feels, my ex calls me up and wants to talk. Is the Theme of the Week "Return of the Exes"? No one sent me the memo letting me know if thats the case. I haven't talked to him all day and I'm about to go crazy. See relationships suck...

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