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Welcome to my blog, it is basically the same thing as my poetrypoem website with the same name: takelifeintoyourhands. I just figured I'd sign up to see what it was like, it doesn't really seem any different, other than the fact that it puts the date below the thing you've submitted, but I suppose this blogbud site is for more than writing poetry, eh? I might use it to post some writings I've written, like chapters of stories I've written in the past. Mostly fantasy genre because that is my most favorite genre to read! ^^ So I hope there are some people out there who enjoy reading as much as I do and will like my stories that I will post. :D

Go here if you want to read my poetry. ^_^

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Blind Love (Posted: Aug 10)
Loving you makes me feel so happy so fantastic, that in my time of missing you, I ache inside, over and over again. I listen to the most beautiful songs ever created, and I think of you, my love. I know that I am just a sappy little girl who fell in love with the most romantic man who ever lived - at least in my book. I find it hard to believe that I had such a life and that I was that happy. And now that I don't have you to love and to hug and to whisper those sweet words, and to laugh and to just be with and it breaks my heart so bad.
Yes, I continue on with my life, with a smile pasted on my lips. I enjoy things in life, and I enjoy myself, but deep down, I am missing you so terribly much, and it pains me and yes I cry. Tears stream down my face and it's like they won't stop. But doesn't everyone need to cry sometimes? It's just that now that we are not together I feel like something is missing from my life - love. It stakes a sadness in life, something that's empty. I don't know why I am this way, I guess I am just a hopeless romantic, destined to be alone, it seems.
I think and I dream about how we were together and there was nobody else in my world but you. You were the only person who I could see. Blind Love is what it is called, and man, was I sure blind. Of course I would never regret loving you - especially since I still love you. It's just that our love was so GREAT and fantastic. I want to marry you and share my life with you forever. I think I will always feel that way... Don't you know that already? You're the man of my dreams.... And I need you!!!!!
I try to break away from this pain that encaptured my heart but I cannot! It's got me hooked and there's nothing I can do to stop it. Because I love you so much you are THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! It just hurts so bad to know that you're away from me!

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