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December 29, 2005

~Hearts of mine, I love you so;
My life is buried deep in snow.
I don't know when or how I'll fly
But someday I'll come back - I'll try.
My Heart it bleeds to be with you,
And since I can't I'm feelin' blue.
Your love has put me in my place,
I miss that like I miss your face.
I painted us a pretty picture,
Of you and I when we were together.
Like a mural it hangs on my wall,
Reminding me of the love that will never fall.

Wow I just randomly wrote that, right now. O.o It is 7:17 pm and I'm on a roll... Oh, yeah!

This Blogbud site here, is sort of an extra place to display my poetry, and also will be used to show my creative writing - if I ever actually get that far. HEHE! Today, March 30, 2005, is the first day that I've done this so we'll see what happens! :D


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