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The Border Kelly Chronicles
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 About the Author

Terence Pettigrew

Terence Pettigrew gained the attention of the media with the publication of his first biography, Bogart, in 1977. Other books followed. These included British Film Character Actors (1982), Raising Hell (1993), and Trevor Howard (2001).

His radio work comprises a large number of 60 min and 30 min documentaries for the BBC. These included, for Radio 2, Nobody Cried When The Trains Pulled Out and Caught In The Draft. Both these programmes were narrated by Michael Aspel.

On BBC Radio 4 Terence Pettigrew wrote and presented documentaries under the titles You're Tearing Me Apart, and I Had The Misery Thursday. A number of famous guests from the worlds of films, TV and the music industry took part in the programmes. He has also worked occasionally for the BBC World Service.

His feature articles and poetry have appeared in a wide variety of national newspapers and glossy magazines. At the start of his writing career, during the 1960s, he wrote synopses for a number of popular TV series including The Avengers, The Power Game, and The Public Eye. He has written two plays, Mainly Edward, and Blackpool Rock. With Barbara Butcher he has also written a full-length comedy, Arousing Passions.

Terence Pettigrew has written more than two hundred individual poems, half of which appear in the first comprehensive selection of his work to appear on the web. The complete file, titled "A Cage To Catch Our Dreams", can be accessed on

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All features appearing on this site are the original work of Terence Pettigrew and his copyright is protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988


About the Author


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