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The Border Kelly Chronicles
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Terence Pettigrew, a professional writer, poet,
broadcaster, and journalist since the mid-1960s,
has three new stage plays recently completed.
These follow on the heels of his four published
books, numerous radio documentaries, and
200-plus poems, a selection of which appear
in "A Cage To Hold Our Dreams" on

The three stage plays are :

"BLACKPOOL ROCK", a comedy set behind-the-scenes of an
ENSA wartime show. Terence Pettigrew has written scores of new gags for the show, set around the final rehearsals of a variety show to be
broadcast to the British Forces in 1944. A wonderful nostalgic treat.

A Two-Act comedy co-written with Barbara Butcher
When Kevin Cotter's wife runs off with his best
friend, he thinks the solution to all his domestic
woes will be solved by a trip to a dating agency.
But that is only the start of his troubles.
This is a witty romp which should appeal to old and
young audiences alike.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton was a famous author, poet
and statesman during Queen Victoria's reign. He wrote dozens of novels, including The Last Days Of Pompeii.
Mainly Edward tells the story of his eventful
life, his prolific writings, his turbulent
marriage, the tragic death of his young daughter,
and his immense contribution to Victorian
literature and politics. In writing this play,
Terence Pettigrew had the support and assistance
of Bulwer-Lytton's great-great-great grandson,
the Hon. Henry Cobbold.

Enquiries about these or any of
Terence Pettigrew's written or published work
can be addressed to the author via
the Feedback page.


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