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RESIGN OR WITHDRAWAL OF SUPPORT (Posted: Jan 4,   Modified: Jan 4)
With the recent secret meeting of FVR, Frank Drillon and Tito Sotto, it seems there is an underlying statement or warning that GMA should now consider resignation as an honorable exit from the presidency or face a total withdrawal of support from her own party (Lakas-UMCD), the Church thru Bishop Lagdameo (CBCP President) and the military leadership with Gen. Senga and the CGs.

If GMA would not consider resignation, the above key personnel will announce their withdrawal of support in succession or in a joint conference. They will see fit that GMA would no longer be viable to continue to govern amidst the lingering credibility crisis facing her administration. Coupled with GMA-backed Concom's hidden agenda to extend her term well into 2010, this would be last straw of FVR's conditional support during the "Hello Garci" crisis.

If GMA will not resign, we shall see a worst-case scenario. The military will be split in the middle including the politicians for or against GMA. The Supreme Court will unanimosuly in favor of her government, therefore, the one who has majority control of the military will prevail.

This is the scenario I am drawing now considering that changes in government before (EDSA and Erap govt) happened during the first or second month of the year. The people now want change and it is up for GMA to cut and cut cleanly.

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