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The Fireside Chats
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Wow, I finally have a "blog". I have subjected myself to the levels of Xanga, MySpace and the ilk. Hooray for me, getting close with the commoners. You can read it if you want, but that's like sneaking into someone's diary. That's a naughty thing to do. Anyway, this will be sort of an autobiography like my poetry only a more casual tone. Whatever. I changed the theme of my blog not only to match my poetry site but because my U.S history teacher advised me that the old theme is rather offensive. So changed the title to the Fireside Chats, after Franklin Delano Roosevelt's radio show talks to restore the population in the banks after the start of the depression. I hope what I have to say here restores confidence in someone somehow.

PS: check out my poetry site ( It's much cooler than this site.


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