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Google Sitemaps - 110 Days to index my site (Posted: Jul 11,   Modified: Jul 11)
110 Days to index my site.

Hello fellow webmasters,

Here is the first update on the progress of my Google 0.84 compliant XML sitemap using the index file option with 30 compressed sitemap files in my root directory. Nearly all URL tags contain all optional tags.

Baseline: 585,000 URLs contained in the sitemap with a paged served every 1.74 seconds to both spiders and humans (measured over a ~24 hour period on Sunday - 2005-07-10).

- Increase or decrease in traffic is caused by Google's spider and sitemap system.
- The Google sitemap system has begun to index the site.

Day 1 observations:
- The site received and additional 5,280 page downloads. At this rate, it will take Google’s sitemap system 110 days to cover the 585,000 URL contained in the sitemap.

Your comments are welcome.

Tony Leonard

I submitted my first Google sitemap today using the index file option and compressed sitemap files in my root directory.

This file collection of Google 0.84 compliant XML tags contains links to over 500,000 pages. Most URL tags contained all optional tags.

Currently Google provides average coverage of my site's reachable pages, but I hope the sitemap system will allow the indexing of a significant number of JavaScript and "form based" links.

My measurement baseline is 1.7 average page views per second of human and spider traffic measured in 24 hour increments.

My initial impression of the sitemap beta if very favorable, and I'm counting on Google's promise that use of the sitemap beta system will not hurt my site's coverage by Google.

I'm curious why the 0.84 specification does not include relevant information like optional keywords and description tags.

Your comments are welcome.

Tony Leonard

"Something I wouldn't let anyone pry from my
fingers is the Webdeveloper Extention and the SEOpen Extention for
Firefox." softplus

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