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BlogBud FAQs:

Q:  How do I tell people how to get to my site?
A:  The best way is to use the "Tell A Friend" feature.  Please follow these steps.

  1. Go to your "Control Panel".
  2. Select the "Tell A Friend" option under the "Promote" tab.
  3. Enter the information requested.
  4. Click the "Send To Friend" button.

You can also tell them your address directly.  This was sent in your welcome email.  If you opted to use the default site name of "blog", your site name starts with 'blog' and ends with a number.  It should look something like this:  blog12345  and your address to your site would be


Q:  How do I add a link to my blog page in my other home pages (geocities, anglefire, etc.)?
  Let us assume your site's name is "blog12345".  You can make a link to your blog site by adding this code into the "page form" of your other site: 

<a href="" target="_top">Visit My Blog Site</a>

Don't forget to change "blog12345" to your site's name.


BlogBud FAQs: