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Hurtful Games People Play.

Is it really worth the heartache and pain to try and open your heart to love anymore?
There is no such thing as honesty anymore because it seems to me that no one understands what it means.Why is everyone so secret and afraid to show who they really are by just being themselves?
Questions I ask myself often.
Now let me ask you how can one heart fall or feel any type of true emotion for another it has never met or interfaced with?
You would be surprised though just how many souls out there that are lonely and in desperate need of being and feeling loved that they will fall in the trap of INTERNET love affairs and believe them to be real.
   People please realize that anyone who confesses to deeply love you without so much as ever touching your hand is either lying,or mentally disturbed.
Ladies beware of the smooth talker who begs with poetry to be given a chance.
Truth is anything that seems to good to be real including people most often is just that ...not real.
Don't settle for empty phone sex and promises and the gallant words of praise as your means to feel good.
 Believe in and love yourself first and you won't fall trapped or taken by some INTERNET Romeo or Juliet who only wishes to make a fool of you and break your heart while trying to see what they can get from you.Hide and protect your hearts and be wise to the games people play.

Posted: February 22, 2005 ,   Modified: February 26, 2005

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