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Me and my Big Mouth.

To many times like some raving lunatic I find my feet stuck up in my face.
No,no not due to self pleasure and feeding a fetish for toes but simply because I have stupid over reactive witch syndrum.
My lack of faith and trust in my fellow man and woman is simply destroying my life,and my relationships with family and potential friends.How did I go from the sweet kid who helped old ladies carry stuff and spending time with them so they would not be lonely to this sinacle ,always suspicious bitter woman?
True ,over the years I have had my heart broken and crushed by people who were less then what I had built them up too be....but should ever person who crosses my path now be judged by the misleadings of others from my past?
I should think not...but it now seems to be the way things are.
OK,let's make a big excuse for myself and the rest of mankind by saying ,"no body's perfect.",fact and truth but are we not selling ourself short by not at least striving for perfection.Yes my mouth is my worst enemy,and my mind also,for what my mouth don't spew without thought my mind will make up and keep talking to me till I am now acting like Cybil.
So I am sorry should be tattooed to my forehead as it would save me some breath and perhaps learning to control my tongue before it spews but my tongue has always been my strongest muscle in my body.
To those or anyone who I have offend in the past,present and those I may in the future I ask you today to please over look the rantings of a crazy women....and tell me to shut my big mouth...or you can just kiss me cause I have not met a person yet who could talk trash or yell while in the throws and the embrace of a kiss.
Now thats a thought to you husbands with nagging wives....keep her mouth and tongue busy with other things and perhaps you can get some peace and quiet!
Catch my drift?

Posted: February 23, 2005 ,   Modified: February 26, 2005

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