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    What ever happened to pride?

 There is nothing wrong with being poor or should I say a little
finally stressed.
I have been there myself a time or too but after living in a low income community for some time now I am sad to say people have no pride anymore.
  Look neighbor don' get pissy with me because I want to keep a clean yard and would rather use my extra cash to buy a grill and patio furniture...you could do the same if you put down the pipe and bottle for a week or two.
  It's not that I don't like you or think I am better than you but the things in my yard are for my family and friends to rest on and enjoy and I see how you and your kids treat stuff so I don't wish to share with you.
 This don't have to be the ghetto if you just gave a dam and took your empty booze bottles in the house to throw away or staggered your drunk butt to the dumpster instead of busting them on the sidewalk.
 Your kids play there too and barefoot most of the time,but I see that you don't care or your dirty needles I would not find on the ground.
   I am not judging you as I have no right too ,but how dare you snub your nose at me simply because I choose to make different choices than you do.
  I make my kids go too school to educate them in hopes that one day they can get out of here and provide better for themselves than their single mother could.
Please tell me what was the reason behind cutting the break line on my daughters junkie car she got from her daddy as a graduation present,don't you know you could have caused her death?
And for what simply because you had to get pregnant,and party and gave up school to live like you thing grown ups do.
 Let me tell you that being a grown up is all about accepting responsibility and holding yourself accountable for your own actions..a sense of pride comes along with that if you choose to give a dam and do the best you can with what you have.
Money don't make the man or the woman and neither do fancy expensive clothes.
 It is all about what you possess inside as a person and what sort of set of values you live by.
 Who cares if you flip burgers or if you fly planes as long as what ever you do you ,you do it well and honest with a sense of pride.
There is no shame in washing asses as long as you do it with compassion and show up for work on time every day.
  Why have we as a race of people let our values get so turned around and why do we let the media dictate to use what is right and wrong ,or what is beautiful....what happened to good old thinking for yourself and being proud of your individuality.
It's time we all spoke up and spoke out and stood strong in our beliefs and took pride in ourselves and gave a dam about the things that truly matter...not about who has a better car,fatter wallet,better bodies ect..ect..
America it's time to grow up!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: February 28, 2005 

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