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A little about what's going on

It's me I had so many thing's going on
that I have not had time to write. So let's start
with me working to job's for along time I was
up set about but I came to see that with been all
grow up comes thing's that you have to do that you
do not really want to do so I am getting up at 6 am
and working to 5pm then I go to my 2 job from 7pm to
1am in the morning itís hard but it also has it fun partís
and I like what I do so thatís also a pulse. The work is
hard but the paycheck is well worth it . For a long time
I was afraid that me working to much would hurt my
relationship  with my boyfriend but he started working
to so me working so much is not really a problem. We
have been together for what feel like for every but it's
only been 2 years, Every time thing's get a little rocky
We remind each other that we love one another and nothing
really matter's after that . thing's are good with us at
this minute. Every minute of every day I wounder what he
see in me . When I find out you will be the frist to know

Posted: May 11, 2005 

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