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Cooper River Bridge of My Memory (Posted: Jul 6)
Here are some pictures that I took in July, as we drove and Dad navigated while crossing the old Cooper River Bridge. Well, I risked my life hanging out the car window to capture these shots, hope someone can appreciate the sensation of that feeling as well as with enjoying the photos too. The railing wants to reach out grab you and your vehicle as you drive on that old bridge. Unfortunately, I think the future generations will never know this once that dinosaur is brought down. When you first got your drivers license in the Charleston area, the true sense of being a Carolina driver was to drive across that bad boy, the (Cooper River Bridge.) I remember that Dickie drove with me, riding shotgun, and I think he was more afraid than I was, but after awhile it became just another road. Well, perhaps a year later it seemed like that. Anyway, when we got to the other side he asked me if I wanted him to take the wheel for the journey back over, but I said no, that I felt the test was also driving back across it too. On the trip back over Dickie and I left the railings of the bridge behind and we were both smiling and my brother said, “You’ve done it, you are a true driver now!” That made the paper license only secondary to the best complement I had every heard. I think what people don’t realize is that automobiles were larger in those days and traffic went BOTH ways on that old bridge. When a truck was approaching you it left very little room to maneuver: known as THE TRUE WHITE KNUCKLER.


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