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Are we so blind? has mans knowledge of GOD gotten so great that we dont need HIS word anymore?we can teach any old thing as long as it has a good message in it?to say I can love and serve HIM ,but to deny HIS word ? how can this be ? if it were not for HIS word how would you know who JESUS is?how could you know right from wrong ?by the thoughts of our own mind ?are we so full of ourselves, that we have EVOLVED to higher understanding of HIM ,that we dont need HIS word?so many say that GOD is the final authority,or it comes from the HOLY SPIRIT,but what is there source,there ears?where do you get unwavering faith if its not by every word of GOD,is HE giving a dissertation somewhere i dont know about?if faith comes by hearing and hearing by the WORD of GOD and the BIBLE isnt the SOURCE of this hearing,then what is?psalms138:2 david says to GOD that "thy WORD is above THY name"now why would GOD who cannot lie allow this to be written ?see theres a choice you must make,either the BIBLE IS the word of GOD or it ISNT,no third choices here....if it isnt then we are all believing a very elborate lie,or it is...for GOD says it is,and not only that but its also INFAILABLE ( cant be wrong!) and GOD said HE cannot if HE cannot lie,and has laid claim to HIS word,i ask you why do we need another source?cause some MAN told us it was not true?they did a study of 5,000 pastors and asked them if the BIBLE was the FINAL AUTHORITY and over 70 percent said that they could not say this was true!!!!then what are we preaching and teaching the people from? they say its not,but how many use it to get there message across on sunday,why? if its a lie shouldnt we turn to what is TRUTH?and if its a lie where is TRUTH and where can it be found?kind of like the 10 commandments when they dissapeared from the walls in our schools.deciding right from wrong without the standard,which is the FINAL AUTHORITY from GOD as to what sin is,we took that out of sight from our kids and in 30 years look what has happened ,now we are saying that any old word of GOD will do ?whats next?will we expect GOD to e-mail us what is right from wrong?


Posted: July 22, 2006 

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