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hey! i've never really done the whole blog thing, but i'm thinkin' i'll give it a shot!

if you want to check out my poetry, go to:

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again, not much to say, but i'm saying it anyway. (Posted: Dec 1)
aaron's cooking dinner. i love that i found a man that'll cook once in a while! smells garlicy! mmmm...yummy!! well, today went pretty well. i think my new boss is pretty happy with me, but it worries me that he wants me to have a car so much...i'm not going to be able to get one all that soon...gotta save some money first, and that seems almost impossible! guess i'll just keep doing my job and see what happens. i hope he'll be patient. i really like working there.
as always, i've been thinking alot about my babies ALOT lately. god, i miss them. i hope their dad brings them to dallas on christmas, but i kinda doubt it. can't wait till i can do something about all this life feels so freaking wierd without my kids.

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