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 About the Author
My name is John but I am known on this site and others as JP. I left school with no formal qualifications and took a succession of jobs whilst traveling around in the early 1960ís. I wrote my first poems whilst still at school but as I was told that I could not possibly have written them I set aside the pen and engaged in mostly practical types of work with machinery. I am married with two grown up children one of which has recently gained a degree. I live in a house near a main arterial road into Englandís second city. I am interested in astronomy, Shakespearian theatre and the ballet but have more than a passing interest in heavy rock music, as my neighbors will testify!

I seem to have the sort of mind that picks up almost totally useless information and this has been a constant source of inspiration for my current writing, which I resumed five years ago. My primary writing is channeled into poetry which I find is relaxing but recently I have diversified into the short story discipline as well, although sometimes the work seems to take on a life of its own and frequently evolves into something quite different to my original intention.

I own two primary sites at:-




The meltdownprose site began as a poetry site and has evolved to a "magazine" encompassing a weekly editorial page which is published each Wednesday but there was a need to "Back up" the editorial content to another place as late readers had a requirement to read "Back issues" that were previously publicized and held to archive. Meltdownblog contains the text of the original posts to Meltdownprose but not the pictures that accompanied the original postings.

Associated sites from the same pen:

I hope you find these sites of interest and bookmark the addresses


About the Author


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