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Hello M.V.M is here trying to ponder on some important scriptures.Bare with me as I add all kinds of verses to the blog, someday eventually I will put some comments and will try to piece them all together at some point or other.There are so many cool verses that make you think about God,love, Angels,spirits,life, its adversary, demons, evil spirits, fallen angels and so much more in general.It is all very fascinating when you find the key scriptures but I'm here so you don't have to waste time finding them.Chances are I already found them and eventually will share them with you in this blog and on my site.All you have to do, is to spare a little time here with me as we go on the ride of your life's imagination delving into all of life's mysteries based only on the scripture and looking at it only from a perspective of sincere truth.I'm hoping to share with you the natural character of God and explain as much as possible regarding those selected key scripture verses...


About the Author


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