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The PAINTERSPEN will be a place to inform you of my happenings. The PAINTERS side is Hand-Painted Art Glass ~ Kolours ~ which I will tellyou about later and how to view my pieces.

The PEN side is of course my writings of poetry that I have done for many years.
I hit a 'dry' spell after the death of my brother almost ten years ago and that was the second death of a brother. So now there is just me and I need to get my poetry and the feeling they have shared over the years into new avenues of 'letting all know that there is always hope'.

(That is when the painting came into play .. along with the fact that I too am now ill)

But I hope that you will enjoy reading the various journeys I took to bring me to where and who am today.

Just remember that no one ever starts off knowing and doing their best. The best only gets better with time, so I want you to have an open mind when you read and understand the possible circumstances that may have been going on at the time.

I have had the priviledge of being published both Nationally and Internationly and lots of recognization.

Give your comments and
Make sure you sign the Guestbook!

All of your thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for visiting.

You can e-mail with comments to:
If you would like to see the 'Painters'
side...please visit (for now)


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