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** August 5, 2007 **

It is a brand new year and I am looking forward
to continuing where we left off with Old Testament
Bible characters and sharing how you can be
encouraged you on your journey through life.

Also, my trivia section is back. For those of you
new to my blog page, here's how it will work. I have
set up a separate blog entry called TRIVIA.
I will have a trivia question for the beginner and a more difficult question for those who want a challenge. Then check back later for the answers and new questions.

If you so desire, you can leave me a feedback
with your answers before they are revealed.
I am always open to any comments. Please keep
your feedback relevant to my blogs or trivia.
This is not a place for advertising your
products on websites. Thank you! Daily Bible Trivia

Until next week, continue to check my site for
new poems at

May God bless you!


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