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Poetry For Everyday Souls
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 About the Author
I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1966. Moved to America at age nine. Painfully shy and instinctively driven. I play guitar a little. My music is the Blues (thanks to Buddy Guy), Jazz and Flamenco. I owned, operated and was the chef at Gypsy's a blues bar. Where I had the pleasure of booking many of the great/legendary blues artists, up and coming young cats and I am honored to say they became my friends and extended family. I was also lucky to meet a girl at Gypsy's that I fell in love with in such a magical way. We have two boys that I love with all my heart and worry about constantly.
We had to move on after having Gypsy's for 4 years. I had my soul in it, every picture on the wall (collected since childhood) every poem by all my favorites, framed and hanging like a story. We now have a catering company and for the first time in five years I have a chance to try to give my words wings. My goal is to have a little bar/Gypsy's again and bring back my beautiful blues family, to ride the nights with integrity that is the Blues. Mean while I write, in love, drinking red wine, Guinness Stout, watering our lil' garden and trying to live this life.



About the Author


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