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Inside The Heart Of A Christian Teenager
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My name is Scarlet. I am a South Texas Teenager who loves to express myself in writing. I'm oldest of 8 kids, homeschooled, and always ready to defand what I believe.

All the stuff I have here are simply things I like, believe, or just found somewhere along my weird life. And of course the ever popular school reports, but I try to make them a little interesting....don't worry!

I am a Y.P.K. (youth pastors kid) and a dedicated Christian, but only by God's good grace. I love to put out questions that would stump 80% of the adults I know. However God has provided me with a father who has taught me how to reason with logic and the Word of God, to understand the questions and even better, get the answers. Again this is only by the amazing grace of God that these things can be achieved.

I hope to make your mind spin so that you will go to the One with all the answers. His Book (The Bible) is the one answer key to life, and Jesus, the eyes and mind so that this key may be read and understood.

I am posting things I receive from my friends that are funny, sad, sweet, or simply things I enjoy.

Well I hope you enjoy this site!

*~*Scarlet Summer O'Rourke*~*

Please sign my guest book on your way out!

The Moon (Posted: Aug 25)
I love the moon, not quite sure why. It is so big and bright right now! WOW! It's like a night light God put up just for us! Isn't it wonderful how our Father put such a beautiful light in the darkness to shine the way! When I look up at it, I think of my friends too. Especially the ones that live so far away! We can look up at the the sky and the stars wont always be the same, but the moon is there! It makes me feel that much closer to them. Next time you are talking to a far away friend on the phone, both of you look up at the night sky, and know that you are both seeing the same awesomeness up there. The miles wont seem so many any more. I just love the moon, I guess that's why...........
*#* Scarlet *#*

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