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Always Putting Something Back

I’ve cleaned toilets, worked in factories, worked for years within the service industry while simultaneously chipping away at my dream of inspiring and reaching people with my stories. My greatest dream is that my kids, my grandkids, and the future generations go further in life than they ever imagined. I sincerely owe, at least partially, my drive and determination to the public school teachers of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, for all of them helped shaped me into the person I am today. I am so blessed to receive letters of questions and thank you’s from readers from around the world, but whenever someone from my hometown sends me an email or message of thanks, regarding one of my stories, it instantly reminds me of the summer of 1979. Of all of the scripts, novels, blog posts, and articles I’ve written over the years the one that I will always be the most proud of is the article I wrote 38 years ago:

(At age 18, I wrote a “LETTER TO THE EDITOR” which was published in the local newspaper FREDERICKSBURG FREE LANCE- STAR on June 5, 1979)

To the Editor:
I am a senior at Spotsylvania High School and will be graduating in a couple of weeks. This year many seniors from our area high schools will be going away to colleges and trade schools to become professionals in the business world and other fields. I hope that many of us will return to this area to put our skills and special training to work. We must not forget where we come from or those who helped us to get where we are (or will be). I can’t speak for every senior, but I have taken something very valuable from this area, and I feel that I must put something back to show my appreciation. I am speaking of education. I have learned that a person should give if he or she has received. I hope that the class of ’79 will join me in the future to reimburse our hometown.

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