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The Dreaming "Twins" : Caroline And Stargazer
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Still Around : September 23 2023

My dreams have been sparse over the last few months. I will try to post those I can recall. Caroline and I have health challenges as we both turn 77 next April. It's hard to believe how long we lasted doing dream matches, but we both appreciate those of you who have tried experimenting with psychic dreams, and your own buddy system dream matches. I often review some of the matches we had several years ago.

I will try to post a few themes here. Most of the dreams involve people telling me not to carry the whole burden of life. In dreams, I want to feel useful. I did tune in to a few foreign countries that featured people staying outside at night. They seemed afraid of something. Keep dreaming ! Don't dismiss the little details. Most psychic dreams feature an urgency, and a forced attention. "pay close attention to this" they urge.

Thank you for coming by. And don't forget to request a special dream from your dream guides. I asked to see my old dog Trent, and I saw him in a dream that night.

Take Care, and keep caring even if the world is challenging right now.

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