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Hillary's Big Mistakes

Hillary’s Big Mistakes:

First: As Secretary of State, she used a private e-mail server to do government communications. Although not unprecedented--other Secretaries of State had used private servers—this was not a smart move for someone with their eye on the White House. It is a security issue. The issue would not go away.

Second: She over used identity politics. i.e. the importance of a woman president. “Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT, women etc. should vote for me.” In her campaign, identity seemed more important than values. Big mistake. The bottom line here is justice not identity. This is value politics vs. identity politics. Democrats did not get this right.

Third: She called her opponent’s supporters “deplorables.” This is ‘us-vs-them’ toxic politics as bad as anything from the other side. She should have been better than this. This cost her a lot of fence-sitting moderate voters.

Fourth: She turned abortion rights from a legal issue into a moral issue. The legal issue is that the government does not have the right to interfere in a woman’s decision. I couldn’t agree more. The moral issue is that in terminating a pregnancy, you are extinguishing the spark of life that has existed since the beginning of time: a huge decision that is very personal and should not be taken lightly. I couldn’t agree more. Hillary and many Democrats started to talk about “choice” as though it was a woman’s moral right (I don’t think this is what they meant but it is how it sounded to the average American.) Hillary didn’t sound sympathetic to the millions of woman who have struggled with this. This cost the Democrats a lot of Roman Catholic and conservative Protestant voters who had been willing to look at it as just a legal issue despite their beliefs. This alone was Western Pennsylvania and rural and small town Michigan and Wisconsin.

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